What should I do if the item is not received or not as described?

If you do not receive your order after the seller has shipped it for a while , or the item you received does not match the pictures shown on the original seller’s site, we suggest first communicating directly with your seller to reach an agreement. If an agreement is unable to be reached with the seller, you can then open a dispute  for a refund  by opening a dispute with 5—15 days after your order was shipped. (This period begins the days the seller provided the order tracking number).

Why can't I place an order?

In some situations, you might have issues placing order.

  • Due to system upgrade, some items might not be available for ordering. Please try to select other items for ordering if possible.
  • Your account might not be verified due to information you provided. Update your account then try again.
  • Due to incomplete address information under your account, you might not be able for place an order.

Please check your shipping address if any information is missed out. If yes, please complete necessary information then try again.

  • Due to product setting in system with limitation for user to place order, this item might not be available to be ordered. Please try to select similar item from a different seller.
  • Due to product setting in system with limitation to product quantity a buyer a can buy in a single transaction. Please try to select similar item from a different seller or contact the seller using the enquiries feature.

I got an error message during the payment process. What should I do?

If you got an error message while paying for an item, please check your order status.

  • Because we process a lot of payments at the same time, it might take a while before the order status is updated. We hope we can count on your patience and understanding.
  • For some payment methods, you might get redirected to another page of a third financial party (PayPal). If you received an error message here, it is best to get in touch with your payment provider directly.

However, contact us.

I cancelled my order. When will I get my refund?

If your paid order has been cancelled, your payment will be refunded to your account between 3 – 5 working days. Please wait patiently as your refund is being processed.

How do I find my account?

Please, click on this link to sign up or sign in  : https://www.xpesos.com/my-account/

What if i have a domain name or a website already

That’s not a problem at all. All you need to do is to point your domain name to you store URL(Uniform Resource Locator). So whoever types in your domain name it takes them to the page you have set up with us.